Moms’ Best Breastfeeding Advice for World Breastfeeding Week #WBW2015

This week Social Good Moms’ members will share their best breastfeeding advice. Today’s advice is from Alicia Vanatta. Follow her at @blogger4fun2011.

When in doubt take a deep breath, grab a (1)

Don’t give up just because people may not want you to breastfeed. I formula fed my first 2 children, and am 11 weeks in nursing my son. It’s a tough first month but once you make it past 2 – 3 weeks of nursing, you’ll feel like a pro! Whether you pump or just nurse with no bottles, keep it up! You are doing what is truly best for your baby’s health. It’s a bond like no other and you will have more one on one time with baby as a mother.

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