#MaternalMonday Officially Launches Today in Nigeria

The global maternal health social media conversation that has been ongoing since 2013 under the #MaternalMonday hashtag was officially launched by the Wellbeing Foundation Africa (WBFA) today in Abuja, Nigeria. The new #MaternalMonday digital space will allow WBFA to reach more users, even in remote areas, via a medium that is rapidly growing and evolving, wrote WBFA in a press release.

“Launching a standalone digital platform for mothers, campaigners, healthcare professionals, and others to engage with one another will allow us to deliver life-saving health information to even more people in communities across the African continent, and indeed the world,” said Felicity Ukoko, Head of Programmes and Advocacy at the Wellbeing Foundation Africa.

Maternal Monday was launched to reach more Nigerians with maternal health messages amongst an increasingly mobile-based country. Not only will the conversation target Nigerians, but also global health advocates and NGOs around the world.

The Wellbeing Foundation Africa created a week-by-week guide detailing various Maternal Monday topics from breastfeeding to family planning to female genital mutilation.

Visit the MaternalMonday microsite at maternalmonday.org.

Below are tweets from today’s Maternal Monday launch.

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