Sharing Moms’ Stories for #WorldBreastfeeding Week: Ebony #WBW2014

Today marks the end of World Breastfeeding Week, but we still have more breastfeeding stories to share after today. We believe that moms help fellow moms through personal stories. That’s why we will continue to share the breastfeeding experiences of new and experienced moms alike. No one wants to feel alone at 2 AM in the morning when you’re feeding your baby and hoping you’re doing everything right.

You can read all of the stories we have shared so far on our Storify page.

We love Ebony’s breastfeeding story, Moms Gets Boob Job Less Than 24 Hours After Giving Birth , because it’s full of practical, uplifting advice for moms who are just starting the breastfeeding journey.

My advice to you is to breastfeed your child as long as he or she allows, or your body for that matter. Do not be discouraged by the initial slow production of milk (trust me, it’s just what your little one needs) or that you were able to do it for a short period. Know that some breast milk is better than none at all. Do your best!

Breatsfeeding Story

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