Sharing Moms’ Stories for #WorldBreastfeeding Week: Hope #WBW2014

One of the biggest concerns of breastfeeding mothers is whether or not they are producing enough breast milk for their babies. It’s a valid concern. Having a low milk supply can become an overwhelming frustration for mothers. Some turn to formula and others like Hope turn to pumping.

When Hope didn’t think she was producing enough breast milk she decided to pump instead so she could see exactly how much breast milk she was feeding her son. Now, she has no doubt she’s giving him everything he needs.

In the beginning, I was pumping every two to three hours. But I soon got sick of that and decided to only pump three times a day. Now, I’m down to twice a day.

Read Hope’s post: How I Starved My Baby Without Realizing It.

When in doubt take a deep breath, grab a (12)

2 thoughts on “Sharing Moms’ Stories for #WorldBreastfeeding Week: Hope #WBW2014

    1. The concern wasn’t whether there was enough milk, the concern was what to do when your milk hasn’t fully “come in” yet.

      Once it did, everything was fine 🙂


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