Book Review: #MeToo and Beyond: Perspectives on a Global Movement

#Metoo and Beyond: Perspectives on a Global Movement by M Cristina Alcalde

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

#MeToo and Beyond: Perspectives on a Global Movement challenges students of the #MeToo movement to look beyond the global North’s dominance of the now ubiquitous hashtag that went viral in 2017 to broaden their perspectives about gender-based violence around the world. While language, culture, and location keep some of the movement’s shared experiences siloed, some are doing the work to bring #MeToo voices together.

#MeToo and Beyond unapologetically brings essays about gender-based violence in Australia, South Africa, Peru, and Palestine to the forefront. Additionally, the Jewish, queer, and trans communities are given equal footing in the book. In other words, the #MeToo movement in this book goes beyond the well-known North American leaders and activists as well as the disgraced American men who found themselves in the crosshairs of the gender revolution.

While we all know gender violence is not relegated to one part of the world, oftentimes those with the largest platforms are the only ones heard, and maligned voices fall by the wayside. Separated into four parts, this book published by the University Press of Kentucky takes issue with the #MeToo hashtag in order to disrupt the relative norm of what the movement stands for and those who lead it.

It is refreshing to read global perspectives on the #MeToo movement because as the hashtag itself implies, many around the world have shared experiences that all deserve equal credence no many where the violence happens or who has the loudest microphone.

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