On This #IWD2022 Join CAMFED’s Global Sisterhood to Educate Young Girls

CAMFED is one the world’s leading organizations that advocates for and helps young girls in sub-Saharan Africa attain an education. CAMFED which stands for the Campaign for Female Education has to date supported 379,000 young girls with secondary school scholarships, one million girls attend primary school, and works with 6,787 partner schools across sub-Saharan Africa.

As we all know, girls who are deprived of an education are most likely tethered to a cycle of poverty for an entire lifetime. But girls who are afforded an education can leap out of poverty and and into the realms of economic development. They can take on better jobs, learn to save money, or become entrepreneurs. Women who are educated take better care of their individual environments and therefore take on climate change. And studies show when sub-Saharan women have an education, they fight for their daughter to have an education as well. They become stewards of passing down education and leaders in their communities.

Join CAMFED’s Global Sisterhood

This International Women’s Day, CAMFED is asking you to sign their sisterhood pledge. CAMFED supports girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to learn, thrive, and become leaders and change makers in their communities. CAMFED has created a Sisterhood across Africa, a peer support and leadership network of activists for girls’ education, gender equality, social and economic justice, and climate action. They’re now joining forces with supporters across the world to create the #CAMFEDsisterhood, a global movement of people determined to support women and girls everywhere to learn and lead, making the world a better place for everyone. 

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