Donate to These 5 Organizations to Help Ukraine

As the Russian military continues to move to take over Ukraine’s largest cities many, some say as high as 870,000, are frantically heading for border countries or are holed up in bomb shelters or in their homes and apartments. Ukraine has said that 2000 civilians have already died since the Russian invasion and long lines at the grocery stores are more common as fears of food and water shortages persist. Sadly, many believe that this is the early stages of the war and that it could last for many months. It’s clear this is the beginning and not the end.

Ukrainians are going to need food, water, and medical supplies for the long haul. Here are five organizations that are already providing aid in Ukraine and across borders.

Save the Children: 7.5 million children will be caught up in the war in Ukraine. Save the Children works specifically on the humanitarian needs of families and children. Only $50 can keep children fed through an entire month.

World Central Kitchen: Started by Chef Jose Andres, the World Central Kitchen feeds people around the world. Now, WCK has added Ukraine to its roster of countries where people are in dire need of sustenance. You can donate to their efforts to feed the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who are crossing the border.

International Rescue Committee: The IRC is one of the leading organizations to help refugees recover and rebuild. They are currently helping Ukrainians spilling over into Poland. They are providing food, supplies, and medical care.

International Medical Corps: The IMC is currently in-country helping those who are caught in the crossfire of war in Ukraine. IMC provides life-saving healthcare and supplies to families, children, and communities.

Red Cross: The Red Cross is providing food and hygiene parcels and helping disabled Ukrainians in Poland. They are also helping first responders in Ukraine.

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