Sharing Moms’ Stories for #WorldBreastfeeding Week: Bri #WBW2014

Even though some mothers want nothing more than to breastfeed their babies, sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise that make nursing difficult. In Bri’s breastfeeding story she discusses the issues she had when breastfeeding her first-born, Roree, and how breastfeeding eventually became easier and easier for her and her daughter.

From the time she was 3 months old, until now, (she is a couple of weeks away from her 2nd birthday) breastfeeding has been a breeze

Better than a breeze, it has been amazing.

I wouldn’t trade a THING, not even the sleepless nights and the epic nursing sessions, for the breastfeeding relationship I’ve had with her.

Read Bri’s story at My Breastfeeding Roller Coaster – The Best Ride of My Life.

Moms' Story

For World Breastfeeding Week (August 1 – 7) we will share moms’ breastfeeding stories from around the world. If you would also like to share your story, get in touch at

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