Monday Morning Reads

During the weekend we read global news articles worth reading from media outlets ranging from the New York Times to the Guardian. If you would like to bookmark some of these articles we recommend using Instapaper or Evernote for future reading.

Direct from NGOs

  • The amount of violence against children  in the Central African Republic is increasing steadily amid the sectarian violence between Christians and Muslims. UNICEF says children have been beheaded, mutilated, and are being recruited into war.  Read: Children Being Brutalized in the Central African Republic.
  • UNAIDS has published a PDF with a rundown of HIV/AIDS statistics from 2013. This is definitely a PDF worth bookmarking for future reference.
  • There are over 100,000 people who have sought refuge at the airport in Bangui due to the increased violence in Central African Republic’s capital city. Doctors Without Borders has announced they have had to decrease services because the violence is so bad.


Security Council Authorizes African Union Mission in Central African Republic

The Security Council unanimously adopts resolution 2127 (2013), authorizing the deployment of the “African-led International Support Mission in the Central African Republic” (to be known as MISCA), for a period of twelve months. The Council also authorized support of MISCA by French forces. UN Photo/Amanda Voisard
05 December 2013

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