A Compelling Case for a Justice Development Goal

Last Friday we participated in the UN Foundation’s digital rally toward the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). We helped mark the 1000-day countdown to the MDGs and now that they are squarely in sight, there is much to do to ensure the goals are achieved. In reality, some won’t be met by the 2015 deadline and that is why global leaders have already met to develop a framework for post-2015 development goals.

The Open Society Foundations (OSF)has created a video citing the case for justice to be put on the post-2015 development agenda saying that without justice no other goal can effectively be reached. Their argument makes sense.

OSF’s case is that justice is the foundation upon which all goals can be achieved.

“About four billion people live without rights and without access to the protections of the law, vulnerable to exploitation and violence, at risk of losing their homes or their land, and at a disadvantage in dealing with the criminal and civil justice systems that should be there to protect them,” wrote Christopher Stone, President of Open Society Foundations.

Watch the phenomenal video below about adding justice to the global agenda. And download Open Society Foundation’s Successful Models for Partnerships and Implementation.

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