[Liveblog] Roger Thurow #TEDxChange

Ethiopia 2003 – the first famine of 21st century. – My eureka moment.

Looking into the eyes of someone dying of hunger becomes a disease of the soul. – a WFP officer.

In southern Ethiopia – We drove to the hunger zones in southern Ethiopia. People kept alive by international organizations.

Hunger in the 21st century . I saw wrongs and injustices I hadn’t noticed before. Why was hunger starting after bumper crops in Ethiopia? Why was it happening still at the dawn of the 21st century?

Outrage and inspire. Outrage that we had brought hunger with us into the 21st century. Inspire that ending hunger can be the singular achievement of our age.

We have long known the way, but we couldn’t muster the will.

This moment of great disruption went far beyond my personal impact.

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