Catapult: A Game Changer in Crowdfunding

There are a lot of crowdfunding platforms on the Net, but we’re seeing more and more of them become increasingly targeted to niche communities and specific causes. Catapult, a crowdfunding platform for women and girls’ projects, is one of these new, hyper-targeted crowdfunding platforms.

A digital project of Women Deliver and funded by the Gates Foundation, Catapult will provide funding opportunities for NGOs that work to better the lives for women and girls’.

“We know that when we invest in girls and women, everyone wins,” said Jill W. Sheffield, President of Women Deliver. “Catapult is a new opportunity to deliver millions of dollars over the next decade to organizations that are making real progress for girls and women.”

One hundred percent of all donations will fund projects rather than organizational overhead. This is immensely important as it builds goodwill for those who fundraise for causes and for those who donate. Through Catapult’s transparency requirements there will be no question about where your dollars go. NGOs are responsible for providing detailed follow-up at the 90 day mark and one year mark after full funding has been reached. These follow-ups will typically be in the form of photos and videos.

Catapult will officially launch this Thursday on International Day of the Girl. To  get a better idea of Catapult watch this video that explains it all.

On the Net:

Correction: The original text stated that the Gates Foundation, the United Nations Population Fund, and the Global Fund for Women among others fund Catapult. The United Nations Population Fund and the Global Fund for Women are partners of Catapult, but have not funded the site.

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