World Food Programme Reaches Remote Areas for Food Relief

I am always amazed by the lengths at which the World Food Programme goes to feed people in need. Last Wednesday evening I participated in a Google+ Hangout with the World Food Programme’s team in Nepal.

Two members of the Nepalese food relief team said it can take at least three days to deliver food to remote areas in Nepal. Sometimes when the team has to traverse the long route to remote areas it can take up to eight days for food delivery.

One of the fastest and most reliable forms of transportation in Nepal, however, is the helicopter. A helicopter is quite beneficial when the WFP needs to reach communities that cannot be accessed by car or by foot.

Delivering food to people in remote areas is at times extremely dangerous. Watch the video below to see a Nepalese team try to deliver food in Nepal.

World Food Programme Logistics

I am extremely fascinated by the logistics of the World Food Programme’s global food delivery. When you think about it, you automatically think delivering food globally would be fairly easy, but there are places in the world, of course, without paved roads and infrastructure. It then becomes crucial for the World Food Programme to work through countries’ delivery challenges. In fact, the World Food Programme’s Logistics motto is “We Deliver”.

Visit the World Food Programme’s Logistics page at and follow their amazing Twitter feed at @WFPlogistics.

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