[Review] Be More Green With Sustainable, Reusable Water Bottles and Coffee Cups

I am trying to do my part to live a greener life. I am in no way an expert in living a more sustainable lifestyle, but I am doing little things that make a difference. I am already a stickler when it comes to recycling. My family and I no longer buy water in plastic bottles. Instead we filter our tap water and when we go out we take filtered water in glass containers. And we have nearly cut all meat out of our diets.

One of the things I have wanted to do for awhile now is use more sustainable containers for my tea and coffee because that is one area that I am not working hard enough to change until now.

I received two Fressko products to use and review and I love them! One is a flask that can be used to infuse tea or you can use it to make fruit water and smoothies. So far, it’s been great for tea. The other is a reusable coffee cup.


The Fressko Tour is a 13 oz, BPA-free glass canister. It has double walled glass and a leak-proof bamboo lid. It also has a food grade stainless steel influser for tea. The Tour stays cold for six hours and hot for four hours.


I throw a lot of coffee cups away! It’s a little disheartening that I don’t recycle them like I should. It’s the one thing that I don’t think about or recycle. Now, I have a reusable takeaway cup that I am thrilled about. I do have a couple of reusable cups that I bought from Starbucks, but for some reason the lids never stay in place.

The Bino from Fressko is 8oz with a spill proof lid. It doesn’t budge at all. It is stainless steel on the inside with the sizes (8oz, 6oz and 4oz) making it easy for baristas. And, of course, coffee shops offer a small discount when you bring your own cup.

One thing I can say about the reusable coffee cup is that it really keeps your coffee hot. I mean hot, hot! In fact, it will keep your beverage hot for up to three hours. Cold beverages will stay cold for 12 hours.

Want a Fressko? Visit www.madebyfressko.com for more information about living a more sustainable life.

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