5 Ways to Help Provide Clean Water During World Water Week

The United Nations doesn’t mince words when it says that water scarcity is one of the world’s biggest challenges. If measurable changes do not happen, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in water-stressed countries by 2025.

I have seen how water scarcity is already a mainstay for families in rural Africa and southeast Asia. Even here in the United States we know that Americans experience water scarcity in places such as Flint, Michigan and California. And lest we forget, we also need to make sure our oceans are free of plastics and pollutants.

Here are five organizations where you can donate this final day of World Water Week.

First Trinity Water: First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church in Flint partnered with Jaden Smith’s company Just Water as well as other local nonprofits to provide a Water Box to the people of Flint. The Water Box is a mobile 3-stage filtration unit where locals who rely on outside sources for clean water can bring their jugs and fill up. You can give by buying a jug for a person who needs one. The cost is $13.95.

WaterAid: I love the work WaterAid does especially after seeing their work in India and how they fund Community Toilet Complexes where families can use the toilet and take showers in some of Delhi’s poorest areas. They work all around the world providing clean water, decent toilets, and good hygiene. Donate $100 to WaterAid and provide four people with clean water.

Visiting this Community Toilet Complex (CTC) in a slum in central Delhi was an eye-opener. This CTC, we were told, was one of the cleaner ones in Delhi. Children get to use the toilet and shower for free. It costs 1 rupee for women and 2 rupees for men to use the toilet. WaterAid funds FORCE, a New Delhi-based water organization to monitor the conditions of select CTCs throughout the city.

GIVN is a certified B-Corporation based in Chicago, provides water to communities in need through its three key partners: Water.orgWater is Basic, and UNICEF’s Tap Project. For every bottle of GIVN water you buy, one person will receive a full day of water. Buy a pack of GIVN water and give clean water.

World Vision: In the Philippines I traveled with World Vision USA and saw their clean water efforts in rural clinics. This water tank below was important as it was necessary for clean births. You can give to World Vision’s clean water, sanitation, and hygiene programs to local communities. Give to World Vision.

At a newly erected clinic in Ormoc, Philippines World Vision provided this water system in order to provide water for women and children who attend the clinic especially mothers who need water during delivery.

EOS International: EOS International is a new-to-me organization, but I am happy to recommend them as a their new communications guru, Nicole Melancon, is a great friend to Social Good Moms and traveled with me to India. Since 2008, EOS has provided over 530,000 people with access to safe drinking water, many of them for the first time. Their clean water interventions have reduced approximately 49% of cases of sickness, allowing families to remain healthy and children to go to school.  Donate to EOS International and help provide clean water to Central America.

Image by Uzuri Art.

One thought on “5 Ways to Help Provide Clean Water During World Water Week

  1. Thanks so much Jennifer for highlighting the work of EOS and the other water nonprofits. That trip to India with you is what inspired me to pursue my new position with EOS. Keep up the amazing work!


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