7 Local Houston Organizations to Donate to Now and When the Cameras Leave

The video and photos coming out of Houston and surrounding areas really make your heart sink. It’s unimaginable what hundreds of thousands of people are going through due to the rains and flooding from Hurricane Harvey. The area stands to face weeks, months, and likely years to fully rebuild. Now, chemical plants are blowing up and people and their pets are still being rescued from homes and dropped off in temporary shelters with little knowledge of how their home has fared or what they will be able to salvage.

It’s true that Americans really want to open up their wallets to help, but what are the best organizations to donate to? You can always donate to large national organizations that have massive scale-up relief capabilities like Save the Children. We know the phenomenal work they do with children and how they help them cope with natural disasters like deadly tornadoes and hurricanes like Katrina, Sandy, and the Louisiana floods last year.

You can also donate to local organizations where their dollars and resources are specifically earmarked for the local community. It has been reported that corporations have already donated 72 million dollars to the large organizations. Here are seven local organizations where your dollars will make a quick difference. Also, keep in mind that dollars are desperately needed now, but will also be needed in the near future when the water finally recedes, the city dries out, and the camera crews pack up and are onto the next big story.

Overall Hurricane Harvey Relief



Babies/ Children

And, one last thing: if you want to go really local help friends and family who live in the devastated area with cash! Send them money through their bank, PayPal, Western Union or any number of money sharing apps and web sites. They’ll thank you for it because if they have gone through a lot and have massive losses they’ll need all the monetary help they can get.

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