How We are Commemorating International Day of Peace

Today at 2 PM EST on International Day of Peace we will host a Twitter Party with Generation ON, HasbroDr. Michele Borba as well as 10 fellow Social Good Moms about spreading kindness in honor of Martin Richard, the 8-year-old who tragically lost his life during the Boston bombing.

The Martin Richard Bridge Builder campaign, presented by Generation ON, challenges kids, teens and families across the country to take action that fosters greater togetherness, compassion, peace and kindness in their communities through service projects that build bridges and bring people together. You can find the campaign web site at

#NoMoreHurtingPeople Image

Hashtag: #NoMoreHurtingPeople
Date and Time: Monday, September 21 at 2 PM EST
Prizes: 8 $50 Hasbro toys packs that you can give away to spread peace

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