Humanitarian Designs Innovative Diaper for Developing Countries

Michael Wahl didn’t purposely set out to create an innovative cloth diaper for babies who live in the developing world as well as a humanitarian organization, Dri Butts, that distributes diapers to families in need. Rather, he saw it as a necessity to prevent diseases caused by the spread of fecal matter.

Many children in low-and middle-income countries have an increased chance of not living to see their fifth birthday oftentimes because of diseases whose cause stems from fecal matter. In fact, diarrhea is the second leading cause of death for children under five. Other fecal-related diseases are cholera and typhoid.

Wahl wanted to help Haiti get these diseases under control by building latrines in areas with no running water or electricity. What he discovered was that many of the babies also did not have diapers, so he created the DriButts cloth diaper.  “It will work in extreme climates and is completely reusable,” said Wahl in an email. “We get these diapers donated in the States and we then connect with moms who are in need. We educate and physically deliver each diaper.”

So far, DriButts diapers are distributed in Haiti only, but the team is looking to work in other countries where Wahl knows there is great need.

What makes the DriButts diaper different is the amount of time it dries in hot climates. Once washed the outer shell dries within 25 minutes and the absorbant liner dries within 45 minutes. The absorbant is also made with anti-bacterial materials.

How You Can Help

Want to help mothers prevent the spread of disease? Buy a DriButts diaper for $15.99 and the DriButts team will give it to a family in Haiti on their next trip.

Check out other ways to get involved.

One thought on “Humanitarian Designs Innovative Diaper for Developing Countries

  1. Thank you. I am very interested in the concept of washable reusable nappies ( diapers) in developing countries. Currently i am working as a midwife volunteer in Kiribati.
    How have the diapers ( drybutts) been used by women in Haiti? Do women like them? Do they use and wash and reuse them?
    I am also interested to know if international Water and Sanitation projects are investigating these.
    I woukd be inyerested un you comments, advice and any i firmation or research you can supply


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