Social Good Moms Impact Report: March 30 – April 5

The idea behind Social Good Moms from day one has been to rally a community ofconscious bloggers who believe in using social media and blogging to spread awareness about the most pressing global issues, especially those that affect women, children, and families in a sustainable way. And beyond that it has always been important to scale our efforts as a community of committed mothers to reach as many as we can through the power of the Web.

Starting today, we will put together impact reports that show our progress periodically to gauge how far we’ve come, how far we can go, and to also encourage more mothers to join us in our social good efforts.

Last week members of our community spread awareness about #Relay4Kids that benefits our partners SOS Children’s Villages, the #EndEbola chat with Save the Children US, the Children Inspire Design artwork campaign that also benefits SOS Children’s Villages as well as the new Global Huddle for Change.

Below you will see our engagement numbers for last week. These numbers reflect the members of Social Good Moms who tweeted out campaigns for the week of March 30 – April 5 and for those who engaged with us via Twitter through conversations at @socialgoodmoms as well as during the #EndEbola chat that we hosted on behalf of Save the Children US. You can also download the impact report: ENGAGEMENT as a PDF.


#SocialGoodMoms Engagement
Engagement Numbers

@SocialGoodMoms Engagement

@socialgoodmoms April 5







See also our week’s Storify, #FF to #SocialGoodMoms: Advocating for @SOSChildrenUSA #EndEbola @ChildDesign #Huddle4GlobalChange #Relay4Kids, that shows the engagemnt of volunteer bloggers who shared information for SOS Children’s Villages, Huddle for Global Change, and End Ebola.

In order for us to make even bigger sustainable impacts on important issues we need to know where we are and where we want to be. 

Want to also us your voice for good? Join Social Good Moms.

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