24 Compelling Mobile Photos from #ICMLive

Neonatalie Newborn Resuscitation model in a baby cot, this was one of the models donated by UNFPA to 12 midwifery training schools | UNFPA/Evelyn Kiapi

Have you been following the 30th International Confederation of Midwives Triennial Congress? Throughout my travels to low-and middle-income countries and reporting on maternal, newborn, and child health midwives prove time and time again how important they are to the health, wellness, and survival of mothers, children, and newborns.

3000 midwives have gathered in Prague to discuss best practices, share experiences, and lay the foundation for increased quality care for women and children around the world.

As I mentioned yesterday in 11 Key Tweets from #ICMLive I have been following the #ICMLive hashtag. Here are some photos that have been shared on Twitter that I found particularly compelling. Continue to follow the #ICMLive hashtag through June 5 to join the global midwifery conversation.


Continue to follow the conversation at #ICMLive

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