Monday Morning Reads: January 27, 2014

Today is the United Nations’ International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust. Follow the US Holocaust Museum (@HolocaustMuseum) for updates throughout the day.

Gates Annual Letter

We’re sure you heard about Bill and Melinda Gates’ Annual Letter last week. Read it at if you haven’t see it yet.

Central African Republic

For the first time a woman was elected as the interim president of CAR. Read more about her appointment and what her presence might mean for the country in turmoil at the New York Times: Woman Chosen to Lead Central African Republic Out of Mayhem.

Additionally, according to Reuters rebels are beginning to leave CAR’s capital city of Bangui, but the violence contrinues.

Saving Babies

There is a great article on the World Economic Forum blog about the work of Jane Chen and how her team helped create a low-cost warmer for babies. Read more in The Keys to Tech Breakthroughs: Love.

Similarly, there is an excellent piece on Impatient Optimists makes the case for Kangaroo Mother Care in poor and middle income countries and how these countries can get past the myths of KMC in Busting Myths: Taking Kangaroo Mother Care to the Next Level.


As you know Syria peace talks got underway last week. Thus far all actors are in a deadlock about transitional power to the according to the BBC. Meanwhile millions of children are either refugees or internally displaced persons amongst the chaos. Listen to a informative interview with Carolyn Miles, CEO of Save the Children, who recently spent time in Lebanon and Jordan and how harrowing life is for these families who are living in tent communities.

Until next Monday with more great foreign policy and global health and development reads! Please leave more great reads in the comments. 

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