New Initiative Shines Spotlight on Tropical Foot Disease

I am consistently amazed by how doing simple things can make a lifetime of difference. This is especially true in areas where poverty is rife and endemic and where disease and death are common. For example, by simply sleeping under a bed net, people can severely lessen their chance of getting malaria. Or, by simply using a toilet, feces-related diseases can be minimalized. The same thing is true for a foot disease called podoconiosis, a form of elephantiasis or swelling of the lower leg triggered by prolonged exposure to irritant minerals in red clay soils (

This week a new web site,, launched to drive awareness of podoconiosis, get help to people – particularly farmers – who have the disease and prevent people from getting the foot disease. Can you believe podoconiosis can be prevented by simply wearing shoes and washing soil from one’s feet? This is so preventable!

Read more to learn what you can do to spread awareness to your network and help people who need shoes and education about the disease to prevent it.

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