Celebrating Teachers Around the World With UNESCO #TeacherTuesday

For ten weeks starting on February 25 we are happy to join UNESCO’s #TeacherTuesday campaign. Leading global education voices will shine the light on inspirational teachers around the world along with UNESCO. The first honored teacher will be Esnart, a teacher from Malawi.

UNESCO has created an entire map of the honored teachers (below) and the dates on which they will be featured on our blogs and web sites. You can follow the entire conversation at #TeacherTuesday. Also, follow UNESCO on Twitter at @EFAReport which is its handle for its Global Monitoring Report.

Throughout the 10 weeks many of the teachers will be joining the education community for a Twitter chat. The first chat will be with Esnart on Tuesday, February 25 at 12 PM GMT. Follow @EFAReport to join the conversation as well as #TeacherTuesday.

World Map

We are proud to join these global voices to amplifiy inspirational teachers who oftentimes have to teach with limited resources and oversized classrooms.


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