The Best NGO Video of the Year

I know it’s a little too early to crown a NGO video the best of the year, but this one from Water is Life will be hard to top.

Water is Life created a short film that shows a four-year-old Kenyan boy fulfilling a bucket list from staying at a hotel to flying in an airplane to seeing the beach for the first time. No child should have a bucket list at the age of four. This film put the problem of under 5 child mortality in the world’s face by using the voice of a small child to drive awareness. It’s absurd for a four-year-old child to have a bucket life just as the rate of under five child mortality from bad water and preventable causes is equally as absurd. The video is brilliantly done, which is very hard to do.

4 thoughts on “The Best NGO Video of the Year

  1. Wow I have tears in my eyes. The video clearly demonstrates the absurdity of life and how some take for granted all this we have while others will never ever have the basic necessities of life. Brilliant.


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