Saving Mothers Giving Life Releases Annual Report

Vaccine Day - N'Gombe Clinic - Lusaka

Today maternal health experts gathered in Washington, DC to discuss the new results from the preliminary work of Saving Mothers Giving Life, a public private partnership aimed at reducing maternal mortality in Zambia and Uganda. Utilizing the strengths of each partner program results showed that maternal mortality decreased by 30% in the districts where Saving Mothers Giving Life was implemented. In Zambia, there was a 35% reduction in maternal mortality. The reductions were significant and have shown the global health community that with key interventions improvements can be realized and effective programs can be scaled. More results can be found in the annual report.

During this morning’s meeting USAID Dr. Raj Shah gave opening remarks followed by representatives from the Ministries of Health from both Uganda and Zambia. Here are some key tweets from the proceedings.


One thought on “Saving Mothers Giving Life Releases Annual Report

  1. As a country, we are grateful to the US government for the funding given that has made it possible to realise skilled birth attendance in the project catchment districts of the Rwenzori region. It has also been noted that a holistic aspect approach has ensured the bringing on board of all pertinent stakeholders in this struggle that has seen mothers and their new born babies with a smile on their faces. Above all, community engagement,human resource support, operationalisation of CEMOC sites, the maternal and neonatal transport system and the role of leadership have given this project momentum.
    Very many thanks to the American People and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for all the work well done.


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