Help Raise Money for Sevenly’s Cause of the Week

396b34890a725cd4_Product-Template_01If you followed our first insight trip to India last week you know that Sevenly, a company that raises capital and awareness for the world’s greatest charities with high quality, limited edition awareness products, joined us as a sponsor. We are immensely grateful to have partnered with Sevenly especially since so many of ideals overlap.

Each week Sevenly works on a new campaign that benefits a new organization through the sale of their merchandise. This week Sevenly and its loyal customers are working toward helping children affected by autism spectrum disorders. Read on if you’d like to help.

Charity Info:

Generation Rescue is the leading national organization that provides hope, information and immediate treatment assistance to families affected by autism spectrum disorders.


1 in every 50 children are currently living with autism, a developmental disability that is linked with a wide range of medical and behavioral traits. Living with autism can be incredibly challenging for children and their families, especially because children with autism often struggle with speech and non-verbal communication. Therapies and treatment can significantly improve behaviors, drastically improving the lives of these children and families; however, oftentimes therapy is costly and not covered by insurance.

This week, your purchase helps provide medical treatment to children of families in financial need. With your help, we will provide families of children with autism the resources and tools to help their children overcome challenges and recognize their potential.


Your purchase provides medical treatment to a child with autism.

About Sevenly:

Sevenly is a social good fashion brand that partners with a new charity each week, promoting and selling limited edition graphic tees and other lifestyle products. Seven dollars from each sale goes towards the charity of the week, helping raise funds and awareness. Sevenly’s foundation is that People Matter, and since their launch in June 2011, Sevenly has continued to lead a generation towards generosity, raising over 2.1 million dollars to date.

Click here to help!

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