Continuing the Newborn Health and Survival Conversation #Newborn2013

A premature baby is shown in the postnatal ward at Cama Hospital, a major hospital for women and children, in Mumbai, India. UN Photo/Mark Garten

GNHCApril 15 will kick off the first Global Conference on Newborn Health. Leading up to the mid-April conference sponsors (@mchipnet, @gatesfoundation @unicef, @savethechildren and @usaid) along with supporters (@jhpiego, @jsihealth, @laerdalmedical) will share newborn health and survival facts via Twitter.

Additionally, Dr. Gary Darmstadt (@gdarmsta), Director of the Family Health Division of the Gates Foundation, will keynote the conference and will tweet daily newborn health information as well. You can follow the conversation and share tweets at #newborn2013. You can also watch the livestream of the conference which will take place in South Africa at

Read more about the Global Newborn Health Conference at and continue to follow the conversation at #newborn2013.

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