783 Million People Lack Access to Safe Drinking Water #WorldWaterDay2013

Lacking safe drinking water is a blight many of us will never live with, let alone ever fully understand. Living in a privileged society where safe drinking water streams right out the tap and a plethora of product choices are available in our grocery store’s water aisle, most of us simply do not know what it’s like to not have clean, safe water to drink.

This Friday, as you may know, is World Water Day. On that day, leading water NGOs will come together in the fight against water poverty for a Google+ hangout. Who will be there?

Two of our official partners, WaterAid America and Water.org, will be a part of the conversation.

WaterAid America Head of Policy and Advocacy, Lisa Schechtman (@LSchecht), will join People Water co-founder Cody Barker; Water.org International Program Manager, April Davies; charity: water East Africa Water Program Officer Wanja Laiboni; and representatives from Water for People and Whole World. Hosting the hangout will be viral video comedian, Justine Ezarik (aka iJustine).

The Google+ hangout will be broadcast live by the Google for Nonprofits Google+ account at ow.ly/iZCdj, and viewers are encouraged to weigh in on the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #WorldWaterDay2013.

We’ll see you there!

Photo: Children in Ethiopia | Mom Bloggers for Social Good/ Jennifer James

7 thoughts on “783 Million People Lack Access to Safe Drinking Water #WorldWaterDay2013

  1. I’m so excited for this day! I remember hiking in rural Nepal with only the water on my back and being so relieved when we got to a village with safe drinking water that had been installed. We are indeed so fortunate. I can’t wait to spread the word this Friday and build awareness for the lack of safe water for so many people in the world.


    1. Great to hear your enthusiasm! I have spent a lot of time in rural communities of Nepal myself. Access to clean water and sanitation is such a vital issue for women. We need lots of voices on this!


  2. Jennifer, thanks for raising awareness for World Water Day 2013. Clean drinking/cooking water is a vital concern that is spreading across the globe. We are all part of the solution for the future sustainability of our resources.


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