HBO Presents New Documentary About Poverty – ‘American Winter’

UPDATE: Did you watch American Winter and want to help? Visit their Facebook page for updates. You can also donate to their Kickstarter campaign to help the families profiled in the documentary.

Tonight at 9 PM on HBO a riveting new documentary, American Winter, will premiere to millions of people. The award-winning documentary shows the injustices of American families in Oregon as they brave poverty and winter.

American Winter

THE FILM: Directed by Emmy-winning filmmakers Joe and Harry Gantz (HBO’s “Taxicab Confessions,” “The Defenders”), AMERICAN WINTER features struggling Oregon families who called into the state’s “211info” social services hotline in search of help in the winter of AmericanWinter_KEYART_2012. The film presents an intimate snapshot of the state of the nation’s economy as it is playing out in the lives of many American families, and reveals the human consequences of rising economic insecurity, budget cuts to the social safety net, and the fracturing of the American Dream.

WHEN: Debuting MONDAY, MARCH 18 (9:00-10:30 p.m. ET/PT), exclusively on HBO.

WHY: The latest U.S. census data shows that 48.5 million Americans are living in poverty, the largest number in the 53-year history of published poverty estimates. This includes 16.1 million children.

American Winter

Watch the Trailer

9 thoughts on “HBO Presents New Documentary About Poverty – ‘American Winter’

  1. Absolutely riveting–and heartbreaking. If this doesn’t move the viewer to do something to help their fellow human being I don’t know what would. As an Oregonian, this is crushing. I am compelled to help these families–and encourage others to do the same. Just say how and consider it done.


  2. Alexander – this is the producer of the film, Harry Gantz. The problem is endemic and is going to take an investment (notice I didn’t say handout) from everyone, including government. But in the short run, John in the film, the man with the downs syndrome child, his house is going to auction in 27 days. We need to help him find a benefactor who will buy it and rent it back to him, with an option to sell it back to him when he gets back on his feet. Any ideas? Go to our facebook page for updates.


  3. Heartbreaking film. This film should be sent to every political official. Maybe then they would realize how severe this problem and the good families it’s tearing apart. This should NOT be happening in this country!


  4. I just watched this documentary! My heart is broken! And goes out to these families . Please let me know how WE can help! I know you didn’t make this film for hand outs. But I feel we the people will help more then the government! They are all out for themselves! they say what they know we want to hear until they get voted in. I do vote but I DONT beleave or trust any of them. They are out for themselves! I don’t have much to give being out of work for the first time in my life, and understanding how hard it is to not know the future. I still have more then these families and I thank God every day of my life. I think we as a nation need to come together to help! Everyone! The sad thing is that 1/2 these organizations that people donate to have crooks within. You see it every day. If I was rich with money I would give a lot. Please let me know how we can help even if its just a little of money. I do have time if that can help. I will Pray!


  5. Appears to me that not one of the families interviewed were short of food. In fact it appeared to me that they were all plenty well fed. And who runs up a 1200 electric bill when you have no money. What happened to individual taking responsibility? Hand out, hand out, and more hand out because everybody in America is entitled to a hand out.


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