Update on New Media Journalists’ Child Survival Reporting from India #IRPIndia

While on press trips abroad it is always nice to know people are listening and reading back home. That’s why we’re happy to share the latest from the International Reporting Project’s new media journalists who are reporting about child survival in India.

Read our first post: New Media Journalists Travel to India, Report on Child Survival.

Interesting reads:

How Biometric Innovation is Helping TB Patients in India (Jennifer Uloma Igwe)

A common health challenge in the settlement is tuberculosis. The project we visited, called Operation Asha, is saving lives in the area through a biometric (fingerprint) system used to track patients and to ensure they take their medications.

Safe Drinking Water in India: How Smart Design Positioned Unilever as a Leader (Leon Kaye)

Hindustan Unilever is India’s largest consumer goods company, with $4 billion in annual sales and over 16,000 employees–over 5,000 of whom work at the company’s headquarters in suburban Mumbai. The division of the Dutch-British conglomerate dates back to the 1930s and its oldest brand has its origins in 1885.

My First Night In Mumbai, India (Lindsey Mastis) Also, read Visiting Mumbai’s Slums by Mastis.

It was already dark. Already past 10 p.m. But the city was alive. Shops looked open It seemed everyone was awake. People were walking around, and some cars were packed full of small children. This would be considered pretty unusual in America on a school night.

Then, on the side of the road, I noticed families.

I thought to myself, “They must live there. Under that bridge. How do they do it? How do they stay safe at night?” Our car continued on. The driver asked me if I wanted them to stop so I could take pictures. I said no, as I snapped a few pictures from my seat. It was so dark, my photos were coming out blurry.

Follow the journalists’ tweets at #IRPIndia.


Read more at the International Reporting Project.

Photo: United Nations

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