Under Five Child Survival Under Microscope at Summit

This week child survival is under critical review in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia during the African Leadership for Child Survival – A Promise Renewed summit. This meeting, held at the African Union headquarters and convened by the Ethiopian government along with UNICEF and USAID brought together African Ministers of Health to enter into discussions about markedly improving child survival rates. The summit ends Friday.

Between 1990-2011 child mortality has decreased 39% in sub-Saharan Africa. According to UNICEF, 1 in 8 children in sub-Saharan Africa die before their fifth birthday from five leading causes: pneumonia, pre-term birth complications, diarrhea, intrapartum-related complications, newborn infection, and malaria.

Key tweets and infographics are emerging from the summit at the #promise4children hashtag.

USAID Administrator Dr. Raj Shah addressed the summit via video:

Child Survival Summit

Child Survival Summit

Child Survival Summit

Some of the topics in discussion are community-based newborn care, reducing stunting to increase child survival and increasing skilled birth attendants to decrease newborn and child mortality.

For more information on child survival and child mortality rates visit www.apromiserenewed.org.

Photo: Jennifer James

4 thoughts on “Under Five Child Survival Under Microscope at Summit

      1. I kept a copy of this email as the infographics are really good and I am sure they will come in use with future posts. The Child Survival Call to Action has been a big advocacy issue for RESULTS, a grassroots group I work with. I’ve been trying to incorporate some posts on this topic as well. 🙂


  1. Thank you for raising awareness about the right to life for all, a critical part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. #GiveProBono #Catchafire #MLKday (Yangbo Du and Vibha Chokhani)


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