[Watch] No Joke. #ChoiceMatters. Everywhere

Women around the world, especially in developing countries, often have difficulties accessing quality reproductive health care. For more than 55 years, Pathfinder International has worked to expand access to quality sexual and reproductive health care to enable and empower individuals to make choices about their body and their future.

To bring home the realities that women around the world face to access reproductive health care, Pathfinder created the No Joke. #ChoiceMatters. Everywhere video.  Watch this video and see why, although funny, the subject matter really is no joke at all.

4 thoughts on “[Watch] No Joke. #ChoiceMatters. Everywhere

  1. This is an excellent video. Jennifer Burden at World Moms Blog has also asked me to write a piece about it for the blog soon thus I will help spread the word. It really is sad. We need to change these inequities.


  2. I watched the first part of the video wondering why they made a doctor look so incompetent when that is likely pretty false. The lady did a good job at the end explaining and I was not aware of some of the inequalities. Thanks!


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