Powering the Country With Wind Energy

If you have ever headed north on I-65 in Indiana chances are you have seen the large wind farms along the highway. The Department of Energy, through its Windpowering America Initiative has set a goal of providing 5% of all electricity in the United States by 2020 through wind power.

It’s quite interesting how individual homeowners and towns are generating wind power for renewable electricity and to cut down on costs. Rural towns, in particular, are greatly benefiting from wind power by not only generating electricity, but also by providing jobs for those who need them through a growing green jobs industry.

Looking towards the next generation there are also robust programs to educate children about the power of wind energy by creating the Winds for Schools Project. This project allows rural schools to erect wind turbines to generate energy as well as use it as a teaching tool for students.

Visit the Windpowering America web site where you can find wind power initiatives in your state.

On the Net: www.windpoweringamerica.gov

Photos: Jennifer James

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