[Infographic] Nourishing 50 Million Moms and Children Around the World

If there is one global issue I am highly concerned about it’s food security. It literally pains me that there are children who woke up this morning and won’t eat all day. All day! It saddens me that there is a breastfeeding mom somewhere in the world who can’t get the proper nourishment to feed not only herself, but also her nursing baby. Or, a pregnant mother who can’t get enough to eat to nourish her growing baby.

Food, for us, is everywhere. In fact, most of us are trying our best not to eat too much food to slim down. It’s a little maddening when you think about  overabundance and areas that have little food.

Below is an infographic courtesy of FutureFortified.com, a global campaign to help nourish 50 million moms by 2015. It shows the impact of having little access to food and how it affects people’s health.

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