Bloggers Visit Haiti, Raise Awareness

Mom bloggers have been in Haiti with social media marketing firm, Be Everywhere, since last Saturday visiting artisans whose work is sold at Macy’s stores nationwide through the Heart of Haiti program as well as visiting relief agencies for women.

The moms on the trip include Jeannette Kaplum (Todobebe), Ana Flores (Latina Bloggers Connect), Leticia Barr (Tech Savvy Mama), Elena Sonnino (Ciao Mama) and Nadia Jones ( The trip ends tomorrow, but you can read the follow posts from Haiti:

Learn more about Heart of Haiti at and follow the bloggers at #bloggers4haiti. Photo copyright: Ana Flores (Spanglish Baby)

4 thoughts on “Bloggers Visit Haiti, Raise Awareness

  1. I’ve worked with Heart of Haiti a few times and think that they are a wonderful fair trade organization. I’m looking forward to reading about the trip through bloggers’ eyes. Thanks for the links.


  2. Thank you so much for being a voice for Haiti! We really missed you on the trip and hope that next time you’ll be able to join. You were with us in spirit! I hope your other travel plans went well. Thanks for all you do.


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