Vaccine Ambassadors


Vaccine AmbassadorsVaccine Ambassadors
is a partnership between healthcare providers, parents, and community members who believe that all children deserve equitable access to vaccines, one of the most cost-effective, life-saving interventions available.  1.5 million children die before their 5th birthday from vaccine-preventable diseases. Over 90% of which live in low and middle-income countries where basic healthcare, such as immunization services are not always readily available.

Vaccine Ambassadors began as a pediatric-clinic based program that allows families receiving health care in the United States the opportunity to support existing global immunization programs within the convenience of their own doctor’s office.  Participating families know that when their child receives health care another child in the world will benefit as well.  Inspired by the generosity of parents, Vaccine Ambassadors has expanded their reach to include other venues in which people receive immunization services.

Vaccine Ambassadors is a partnership with the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization.  As little as $1 can provide DPT vaccines for 3 children or the measles/rubella vaccine for 2 children. Your clinic need not offer this program for you to become a Vaccine Ambassador.  Join us online, and give the best gift one parent can give another, a chance for their child to grow up healthy and strong.  (photos/PAHO)


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