One Bangladeshi Mother’s Thoughts on Arranged Marriage

Shahana Shafiuddin is a Social Good Mom from Bangladesh. Read her blog at

In our country there are two kinds of marriages: one is settled marriage and another one is love marriage. Settled marriage means, where guardians select bride or groom for a person and the marriage happens. As far as I have seen, most of the people like, or respect settled marriage. Well you won’t find it by surveying on blog because most of the Bangladeshi don’t know what a blog is. When any couple makes a love marriage (where couples choose each other), people will congratulate them, but behind them they will say what they actually feel, and off course, they are not good comments though everyone wants to marry a person who they like.

When a husband hurt a wife, everybody will dislike it but won’t react, because they think its natural or a common thing. If a woman tries to hit back, nobody will like that and will make an issue. But nobody wants to be beaten.


Everybody wants their husband to  help them in their work. But if she saw any other husband helping their wife, she will say, it’s not good and many more things. And rest of the society will agree with her.

Every woman will like to take enough rest and do all work in her own way. But she will never let other woman (bride of her son) do her work in her own choice. People think that is bad and our society will never agree with the bride.

Why are our thoughts like that? Why can’t we be fair with all humans?

This post has been edited for clarity. Read the original post, Why We Think Like That?

Photos courtesy of Shahana Shafiuddin.

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