Thoughts on the Passing of Dr. Paul Farmer

When I decided to concentrate on global health in 2011 and started Social Good Moms I learned immediately about Dr. Paul Farmer and the nonprofit he co-founded, Partners in Health. It is absolutely impossible to miss the immense contributions he made to the disciplines of global health, health inequality, and human rights for others to admire and aspire to, including me. He is the reason I decided to go to Haiti on my own to see the work other NGOs and nonprofit hospitals were doing for Haiti’s poor.

Haitian Mothers. Photo by Jennifer James

Dr. Farmer’s work is one of the reasons I worked with NGOs like Save the Children, World Vision, Midwives for Haiti, IntraHealth, and PSI to see global health programs, particularly maternal health programs, around the world. While Dr. Farmer will be missed, his work will live on in others he touched from afar like me, but more importantly in those he knew and whose lives he saved. His work will also continue to live on through Partners in Health and in everyone who wants to make the world a better place.

Dr. Paul Farmer photo: Partners in Health

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