3 Ways to Gift Better Sight to Kids in Need

If you wear glasses yourself or if several people in your household wear glasses you know it can be pricey with annual eye exams and the cost of eyeglasses themselves (especially if they are designer). On average, eyeglass wearers go through a pair every year and kids go through at least two pairs per year as they grow. All that is to say that wearing eyeglasses can be rather expensive and a luxury that some people cannot afford.

Since August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month I wanted to highlight three organizations that work diligently to gift better sight to those in need.

New Eyes: New Eyes is a female founded and run non-profit, celebrating their 87th anniversary this year.  Their goal is to bring clear vision – eyeglasses – to adults, kids and families throughout the world.   When asked what sets them apart from other organizations they proudly say that they serve their local community and the world from just one location in New Jersey.

Ways You Can Help: You can donate gently-used frames for their missions overseas. And, you can also make a monetary donation so they can provide vouchers for new glasses to those at and below the poverty line.

Warby Parker: While Warby Parker isn’t a nonprofit they have used their know-how about reducing the cost of eyeglasses and turned it into providing four million eyeglasses to people in need around the world. Their business model also helps low-income people sell radically inexpensive eyeglasses and earn a living in low-and-middle income countries.

Ways You Can Help: If you are in need of new eyeglasses consider buying your next pair from Warby Parker. You buy a pair and they give a pair through their partnerships stateside and abroad.

Photo: Megan Gianfagna for OneSight

OneSight: OneSight is on a mission to eradicate the global vision care crisis in their lifetime. They want to provide eye exams and glasses to 1 in 7 people across our planet who have vision care problems. Every week they see 3,522 people every week across their sustainable and charitable programs.

Ways to Help: A simple $30 donation provides a full eye exam and a pair of glasses. www.onesight.org.

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