Day 3 Dispatch: In Nepal With Coca-Cola

I was in Nepal with Coca-Cola for a very short period of time earlier this month, but we did and saw a lot in the days we were there including:

  • (Day 1) How the local Coca-Cola bottling company is working with a Nepalese NGO that is rebuilding a community from scratch after the earthquake
  • (Day 2) How Coca-Cola is empowering businesswomen in their supply chain

On Day 3 we visited a PET (plastic) bottle recycling center run by the Himalayan Climate Initiative where we sat down with women waste workers who sort the bottles to be recycled. It was heartening to learn about the innovative ways HCI is providing benefits and dignity to the women waste workers who will remain in Nepal’s lowest caste for the rest of their lives.

Bottle sorting at the PET collection, sorting and baling facility run by HCI

Read 5 Ways This NGO is Helping Nepal’s Women Waste Workers.

After our site visit the Coca-Cola Bottlers Nepal Limited team took us about an hour and a half from Kathmandu up to Nargakot, one of the best points to see the Himalayas. You can see them if it’s a pristine and sunny day. For us, however, cloud cover kept the Himalayas hiddeln, but we still got a chance to see some of the mountains and the beautiful valley.

It was nice to get away from Kathmandu to see the mountains up close. It was lovely.

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