Day 1 Dispatch: In Nepal With Coca-Cola #NepalNow

It’s been raining virtually nonstop since we arrived in Kathmandu on Sunday morning. There were downpours all day without any let up until the evening. I hope we get to see the sun on Tuesday. It’s the end of the monsoon season in Nepal, but I don’t think the weather quite wants to get rid of the rain yet.

Today was our very first site visit for this Nepal trip to see Coca-Cola’s rebuilding efforts after last year’s earthquake as well as their work with women in their global #5by20 program that will empower five million women by 2020 across Coca-Cola’s value chain.

Today, we focused on how Coca-Cola is helping local NGOs rebuild after the quake as well as how Coca-Cola employees joined as a team to push through the crisis they endured after two very sizeable earthquakes.

You can read about our visit to a village about an hour and a half away from Kathmandu and how a local NGO is using innovative ways to create sustainable communities.

Read: How One Organization is Changing the NGO Paradigm in Nepal.

I also shared a bit of my morning before we headed out to Bhurunchuli village.

At Bhurunchuli village, we met some really sweet girls who danced for us as we talked to women about their new, nearby water source and upcoming community bathhouse.

When I travel meeting women and mothers is one of my favorite things because no matter where I am we are all the same and want the same things for ourselves and for our families. Here are some women I met.

On Tuesday we’ll see Coca-Cola’s #5by20 program.

Disclosure: Coca-Cola provided travel, accommodations, and all expenses when I am in Nepal.

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