How We Can Help American Children in Poverty Learn

Infographic_21It may sound cliché, but a child’s future deeply rests on their ability to learn and to be educated. It starts early and it doesn’t matter where a child lives whether it’s in Kenya or the Philippines or right here in the United States.

Oftentimes we see children who live in impoverished countries who desperately need books, schools that are close to their homes, and just the simple right to an education and we are compelled to help. In the United States, too, there are also many poor children who long for books and don’t have access to them. In fact one in five American children live in poverty and do not have one book in their home. This is heartbreaking because books really hold the keys to one’s future, creativity, imagination, and ability to be a productive adult.

This month Save the Children launched its Invest in Childhood campaign with actress, Save the Children ambassador, and mother Jennifer Garner to place a nationwide emphasis on early reading and early learning for children in need. Children who live in poverty in the United States are typically eighteen months behind their peers when they start school. It’s harder for them to learn because they do not have the support system and books to learn. Oftentimes their parents were not afforded access to books and robust learning skills. It passes through generations. And, personal books for children can be expensive for low-income families. The costs do add up. For these families, purchasing books is not a high priority.

Save the Children US also visits severly impoverished communities like Alpaugh, California to make home visits with children to improve their chances of being ready for school. 16 million children live in poverty in the United States making it imperative that these children and their families get the assistance that they need for brighter futures.

How You Can Help

Visit to donate to early education for children in need. A $10 donation can help stock a child’s home library. Also, click over to connect with Save the Children on their many noble efforts here in the United States to help children.

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