11 Apps That Benefit Charity Through Everyday Actions

By: Andrea Nylund, co-founder of CauseTap

If you have big social conscience but a small savings account, these apps will turn your everyday actions into charitable giving. Whether you are playing games, dining out, walking a dog, or downloading more apps, you can fit philanthropy into your daily routine without spending a dime.

When you think about all the time we Americans spend on our mobile devices, about 162 minutes each day (mostly with mobile apps), it becomes clear that there’s huge untapped potential for positive impact. Why not have fun and do good at the same time? Small actions can make a big difference.

  1. care2square: A fun, fast-paced puzzle game where you move tiles to form shapes using the open cell. Play for free against other players or enter multiplayer cash tournaments to raise real money for your favorite charities. Share your accomplishments and challenge friends on Facebook and Twitter. Android iOS
  2. CauseTap: This app lets you support your favorite causes just by downloading apps, even free ones. All types of apps are available, from games to social. Browse the full directory and see which apps are most popular among like-minded supporters. Rally friends to grow support and track collective impact. There are over 70 causes to choose from including ALS Association, Kiva, and US Fund for UNICEF. Android
  3. Charity Miles: Charity Miles sponsors your workouts to benefit charity. Select a cause then allow the app to track your activity. When you’re finished, post your results to social media to raise awareness and money, with the app donating 10 cents per mile for cyclers and 25 cents per mile for runners and walkers. Android iOS
  4. Check-In for Good: If you enjoy discovering new stores, cafes or restaurants, then Check-in for Good will help you to get a great deal while benefiting charity. Using geo-targeted advertising, the app connects businesses and individuals that share a passion for the same causes. Then all you have to do is check-in when you visit, and the business will make a donation on your behalf and give you exclusive promotional offers as well. Android iOS
  5. Donate a Photo: For every photo you share through Donate a Photo, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to the charity of your choice. Your photos can do things like help a newborn breathe with Save the Children, get school supplies for a girl in Guatemala with Girl Up, or help a deployed service member call home with the USO. You can donate one photo a day, every day. Track all the causes you’ve helped, see what your photos have helped do, and get notified when your causes reach their goals or when a new cause is added. Android iOS
  6. Feedie: Feedie transforms your passion for sharing food photos into actually sharing food for children who need it most. Sign up via Facebook or Twitter, and visit a participating restaurant. When you use Feedie to take a photo of your meal and post it, the restaurant makes a donation to The Lunchbox Fund, a non-profit organization that provides daily meals to schoolchildren in South Africa. Your post thanks the restaurant and spreads the Feedie message. Android iOS
  7. Leap Frog Charity Edition: Tap the screen to make the frog jump, and try to last as long as you can without splashing into the water. The more you leap, the more charities will get. 90% of the profits made on this game will go to charities worldwide. Android
  8. Stand4: Stand4 is introducing the ‘Stand’ as the new digital paradigm for donating to charities. Take Stands by snapping pictures, answering fun questions, and more. Every time you take a Stand, Stand4 donates to a charity for you. Share your impact with friends, and see the impact that they are sharing with you. Watch your collective impact. Android iOS
  9. TangoTab: TangoTab donates meals to food banks every time a diner purchases one of its restaurant deals. There’s no need to pre-purchase, just claim a restaurant offer on TangoTab, visit the restaurant, enjoy and get discount. Every time you dine out, TangoTab donates a meal to feed a person in need through local food banks. When you eat, they eat. Android iOS
  10. Walk for a Dog: Every time you walk your dog, this app donates to the animal shelter or rescue of your choice. The app will automatically find a shelter or rescue organization near you, but you can choose from nearly 6,000 organizations or add your own. Android iOS
  11. Quingo: Quingo is a game that combines trivia and bingo to support your choice of 6 charities. Earn money for a cause just by playing. Every question has both easy and hard correct answers making Quingo fun for players of all skill levels. Some of the wrong answers will trip you up, others will make you laugh. iOS

Andrea Nylund is a social entrepreneur with a deep-rooted commitment to using technology for sustainability and social good. She is a co-founder of CauseTap and resides in Brooklyn, NY.

Photo: Jennifer James

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