Social Good Village Opens at Cannes Film Festival

We are happy to be a media partner of Horyou Village, the very first social good village at Cannes Film Festival. The Horyou Village opened last night to great fanfare at Le Grand Hotel.

Chapelier Fou, a traditional electro musical act from France, provided live performances and “Social Good through the Arts” was showcased through five remarkable short films including CNA, Green Bronx Machine, Tous A Table, Amesip, and Ascovime.


All of the short films are in French with the exception of Green Bronx Machine which, of course, is in English. All are very much worth watching despite the language barrier even if you don’t know any French.

The village runs through May 24. Look for additional updates especially during Horyou Villages five Global Cause Days starting on May 17.  The Global Cause Days span climate and wildlife, innovation, women’s empowerment, and education.

Horyou Social Good Village

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