FEATURED VIDEO: Saving Mothers in Guatemala

Guatemala has the highest maternal mortality rate in all of Central America according to the World Bank and one of the highest maternal mortality rates in all of Latin America behind only Guyana and Bolivia. Most deaths occur among the indigenous populations.
87 percent of women have their births at home and those who are referred to the hospitals mostly have sever birth complications.

Saving Mothers, a nonprofit committed to saving the lives of mothers worldwide, released a trailer about their maternal health work in Guatemala to save these mothers and to train traditional Mayan birth attendants called comadronas.

Want to help Saving Mothers train birth attendants? Here’s how.

Photo: Saving Mothers

3 thoughts on “FEATURED VIDEO: Saving Mothers in Guatemala

  1. I was relatively near this part of Guatemala when I went a few years back to volunteer. Guatemala is a beautiful country and I had no idea at the time how high maternal mortality rates are for the Mayan women. Great video!

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      1. Yes I want to go back someday and see the health side versus the climbing or volunteering side. I really loved Bolivia and did see that there are so many rural areas so far from any sort of health care. There is also a lot of violence against women in Central and Latin America. It is heartbreaking.


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