News: Social Good Moms is Now 3000 Members Strong

3000membersThe Mom Bloggers for Social Good community recently surpassed 3000 members!

We have always said that the greater our numbers the greater our impact! As the Social Good Moms community continues to grow the more good we can do collectively to spread the word about important issues like world and domestic hunger, maternal health and mortality, newborn health, HIV/AIDS and its opportunistic infections, malaria, water and sanitation and a whole host of global health and development issues.

With over 3000 moms who blog we can increasingly spread awareness about the world’s greatest problems and provide several digital access points where savvy online moms can use social media for good in the ways that work best for them from sending quick tweets, Facebook posts, or blogging about critical global health issues, joining robust Twitter chats, pinning infographics, or joining campaigns on the ground here in the US and abroad.

We continue to be grateful by the growth of Social Good Moms over the past three years and hope to expand around the world and spread the word about our key partners through the web.

Thank you for being a Social Good Mom. If you would like to join us visit us here.

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