9 Last-Minute Virtual Valentine’s Day Gifts for Good

Valentine's Day 1

If you’re like many of us you may have waited until the very last-minute to buy your loved ones Valentine’s Day gifts. While you can still run out and buy a wealth of flowers, cards, and chocolates, here are nine virtual Valentines’s Day gifts you can give that also give back.

Oxfam Unwrapped: Oxfam recommends giving duos of animals for Valentine’s Day: a pair of chickens ($18), a pair of sheep ($80) or a pair of goats ($100).  Send lovely animals to families in need.

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation: EGPAF is asking its lovely supporters to send Valentine’s Day e-cards to spread awareness about pediatric AIDS. It costs nothing, but the gift of awareness is always key. Click here to spread the love.

Midwives for Haiti: We all believe in the power of saving mothers’ lives. This Valentine’s Day donate to Midwives for Haiti and help them stock their medicinal chest with life-saving medicines for the entire year. Donate with love to Midwives for Haiti.

Vaccine Ambassadors: There is no doubt that vaccines save lives. Vaccines are one of the best ways to show love for children around the world. Buy vaccines with love for children whose lives can be saved by this easy intervention. $10 vaccinates 19 children against the measles.

Valentines Day 2

Opportunity International:  Much the same way you can give a gift card to Target, you can also give a gift card to your loved ones from Opportunity International. Once your loved one redeems the gift card they can find a loan that they can fund to help women around the world. Give the gift of love in an e-card.

International Rescue Committee: Love can be shown in many different ways. How about showing love by funding a child’s education for a year? International Rescue Committee lets you fund a year-long education for just $58. Share the love by providing tuition, books, and supplies to a child who desperately needs an education.

Save the Children: You can say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to your loved one in different languages from our friends at Save the Children. It’s a fun way to remember the special people in your life and also spread awareness about the great work Save the Children does every day globally. Say “Happy Valentine’s Day” from Save the Children during their #How2SayILoveYou campaign.

World Wildlife Fund: Say “I Love You” to the animal lovers in your life by sending an e-card from the World Wildlife Fund. You can also include a donation amount in their name. Let your loved ones know you care about their love for animals.

Central Park Conservancy: Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without flowers. These flowers from the Central Park Conservancy provide a great way to give flowers for good. Choose between daffodils, mums, or tulips that you can give through a donation e-card.

Smile Foundation: Valentine’s Day should be a day full of smiles. Make more smiles happen by donating to the Smile Foundation that heals children who have facial abnormalities.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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