Charitable Giving Trends and Predictions for 2015

There are many online marketplaces to choose from when it comes to purchasing products for a purpose and they are increasing every day it seems. Fashion Project, however, takes the idea of “buying for good” one step further by accepting gently-used, high-end donated products from designer jeans to luxury handbags from donors, selling them at a fraction of the price, and then donating 55% of the net sales to the donor’s charity of choice. In this giving model, everyday donors are inserted into the donation and giving process.

Christine Rizk, co-founder and president of charity re-commerce destination Fashion Project
Christine Rizk, co-founder and president of charity re-commerce destination Fashion Project

The Fashion Project has made a significant dent in the fashion and social enterprise industries by supporting over 2000 nonprofit organizations and donating over $300,000 to charity since its founding in 2012. The Fashion Project also has nearly 70,000 customers.

Co-founder and president of the Fashion Project, Christine Rizk, has learned important giving trends and predictions since the site launched a little over two years ago. Rizk identified three giving trends of 2014 including increased donations to health nonprofits, localized giving, as well as the impact of trackable donations.

This year, Rizk believes there will be an upward trend in online donations and social media sharing. Rizk also predicts more donors will require seeing an immediate impact of their giving and will seek more charity transparency.

“Donors want to see their impact immediately,” Christine Rizk said. “Our most successful charities allow for personal connections to those benefitting from the donation.”

The Giving Institute agrees. They predict that technology and social media will continue to accelerate online giving. And that donors, particularly Millennials, will want to be more invested in their giving.

And FlipCause echoes Rizk’s predictions for 2015 drawing an emphasis on mobile donations and data tracking.

What giving predictions do you have for 2015?

One thought on “Charitable Giving Trends and Predictions for 2015

  1. Great post. May we suggest you look into Charity: water. Such an amazing organization, and they are geniuses in the way they market themselves through social media.

    We just had to get on their team, and we really appreciate their 100% model. We actually created a Water Is Life sock design specifically for their cause, to get even more funds to them. $1 for every sock is donated to their amazing efforts in providing clean water for developing countries. You can read more about the efforts here if you like:


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