Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts That Give Back and Save Lives

Mother’s Day is a celebration full of flowers, cards, and sentimental mementos. It’s also a day to celebrate not only our mothers and the moms we know personally, but mothers everywhere.

As you know there are women around the world who will lose their life giving birth. That may sound blunt, but the numbers say it all. 800 women will die today from birth complications that are largely preventable.

How can you help turn this statistic around this Mother’s Day?

Below are six organizations that are providing prenatal care, mobile obstetrics services, and safe births for women who otherwise might have to deliver alone at home without a trained health professional and without the tools and knowledge  she needs to stay alive. Your donation to any one of these organizations can help save a mother’s life.

motherhoodcollage 4
Motherhood in Zambia. Photos: Jennifer James

RESCUE GIFTS from the International Rescue Committee: $52 will help train a woman in Kenya become a midwife. Midwives are trained to save the lives of mothers and newborns. Around 800 women die each day from complications from pregnancy and delivery as aforementioned. By training women to become midwives, more women will live to care for their babies and families.

BRAC PRENATAL GIFTS: Saving lives is one of the most important gifts you can give to mothers who live in low-income, low-resource settings. Your Mother’s Day donation will provide prenatal health care for women in countries like Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Uganda where maternal mortality numbers are perilously high.

Motherhood in India, Zambia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. Photos: Jennifer James

KANGU: Providing safe births is the sole purpose of one of our newest partners, You can help fund a mom’s safe birth for as low as $10.

MIDWIVES FOR HAITI: Reaching expecting mothers who otherwise can’t get to a hospital or health center to deliver their babies is the focus of Midwives for Haiti. Through its mobile clinic, midwives help women with safe and healthy births. $10 can save the life of one mother. Donate more and save more lives in remote Haiti.

MOtherhood Collage3
Motherhood in Zambia and Tanzania. Photos by Jennifer James

EVERY MOTHER COUNTS: Every Mother Counts provides a cross-section of maternal health services you can donate to in order to save a mothers’ life from providing a ride to a hospital where an expectant mother can deliver her baby to buying a solar suitcase for a health facility in Malawi.

SAMAHOPE: Samahope’s #HonorYourMom campaign is an easy way to show your mom how much you love her and also donate to safe births and other medical treatments for mothers. See all of the honored moms in Samahope’s #HonorYourMom gallery. Your donation goes directly to doctors who provide medical care in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Latin America.

We hope you get inspired by the fantastic, life-saving work of these selfless organizations. They can use your help this Mother’s Day to prevent more mothers from dying just to give birth.


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