Photographer Launches New Site for Maternal Health + Monday Reads

Last week I wrote a piece for Impatient Optimists, Documentary Captures the Lives of Midwives in Southern Ethiopia, in which I shared the work of Italian  photographer Paolo Patruno. Patruno works with NGOs to document births across sub-Saharan Africa in order to highlight the current state of maternal health on the continent. Thus far he has worked in Ethiopia, Malawi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda.

Now Patruno has launched a brand-new site to share his project called Birth is a Dream ( There you can see all of his photos from labor wards in Africa as well as his short documentaries. If you’re heading to the site be sure to see his photography. His work is amazing and shows a rare glimpse of childbirth for African women.

Monday Reads

I wrote a few posts for my Babble column about how to give without breaking the bank.



2 thoughts on “Photographer Launches New Site for Maternal Health + Monday Reads

  1. Stunning photography. I remember what I felt like when I was pregnant and while I believe that pregnant women should remain active, here in the US it is an option, not a necessity for survival of the rest of the family.


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